Think Outside the Black Box

Leading the way in Qualitative Artificial Intelligence


Applications for Qualitative AI

DNA Sequencing

The promise of nanopore technology for DNA sequencing is providing longer strings of DNA (easier assembly) and real time sequencing. Still in its infancy, the signal obtained by nanopore technology is unstable. The human eye perceives patterns of similarity for base calling. We formalize and automatize human perception for signal analysis.

Self-Driving Cars

Contrary to the rest of the industry, we think that Autonomous Driving is NOT a math problem. People can drive without mental formulae calculation, and we formalize that process, which is much simpler, robust and safe.


Neural Networks (also called Deep Learning) consist of millions of artificial interconnected neurons which fire in reaction to inputs, and adapt to pre-established goals.

There is no possibility for humans to see the logic behind decisions or predictions coming from Neural Networks. They act as black boxes.

With a narrow focus or goal, they can become a real threat to humanity.

We advocate for responsible and Safe AI, where humans can always see the logic behind any decision taken by the AI system.